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Become better in your work, master the latest technologies and provide better healthcare to more people in less time.

This has been my professional pursuit for nearly 40 years. I’ve worked as a consultant, system specialist & trainer with all major MR vendors (Philips, Siemens, GE, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc).

I started in the MR trenches in the early days and I have built a successful international training & consulting firm that is about to celebrate its 30th birthday.

Now I would love to share what I’ve learned to help you. So: let’s work together! Drop me a note and let's see how I can help you get more out of your MR potential.

Independent advice

Our consultancy services and online MRI courses are vendor independent.

This means you can take our courses no matter what system you are on.

Independence also guarantees a neutral advice. We have experience on all systems, so we can help you out with any challenge.

No-nonsense advice & straightforward consultancy from a true veteran with a passion for everything MR. Where there is a Wilma, there is a way.

Advanced courses for serious professionals

The more our world functions on auto-pilot, the more important it is to keep learning.

As technology advances, machines become smarter and artificial intelligence takes over, it is vital to understand the core principles of your MR and know how and when to take control.

Our online courses put you in the driver's seat. They give you the insight to steer technology towards your goal and get a better imaging result.


"It was really interesting and exciting to work with you. I have noticed and picked up many sequences we have worked out. I realise we have a lot of work to do, but MRI is really fun (like you say)!"
— Sylvie Martin, CHR Namur, Belgium Centre Hospitalier Régional de Namur
"Excellent job Wilma! Interesting analysis and advises. We value your recommendations and are sure that it serves us as a road map for future operations."
— Mahieddine MEDJOUBI
"Wilma! I have learned a lot from you: not just technical things, also how to be optimistic and how to have patience. I heartily thank you for everything!""
— Aung Aung
"Bless you Wilma for the awesome work you did for us. I'll keep on reading to keep updated. Hope that you come back at least once a year to update us on the new sequences and techniques in the MRI world!"
— Emmanuel Bale

& associates