8 steps to prevent MRI tech overload

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27 January 2017
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6 July 2017

How to ride the technology tidal wave?

From MRI multi parametric imaging to synthetic imaging (MAGIC), the global MRI-market is booming with technological advancements. While all this sophistication is meant to make our lives easier, it also poses a threat to a healthy work environment. If not managed properly, the avalanche of innovation can cause a crippling technology overload.

Take control of technology. Set up a big picture plan to keep protocols in check and reap the benefits of continuous learning.

Here’s what you can do:

01 Focus on the big picture. Don’t get lost in complex features. Do your research and stick to the features you can handle. Where possible, run the auto pilot.

02 Update your MRI/MRS protocols to the current standards. Maximize your throughput.

03 Customize default RF sequences. Meet your specific needs in contrast and resolution.

04 Install new MRI guideline protocols.

05 Pratice what you teach. Create an engaging learning environment by blending theory and hands-on training.

06 Make handy use of e-education. Easy access to high end, high intensity interval brain training and personal coaching. Short sessions and certification for MR radiographers, radiologists, physicists and technical physical clinical specialists.

07 Set boundaries: don’t let technology take up all of your time. Remember you can always push the “off” button! Turn it off when you’re at a meeting, on lunch, or otherwise spending time with colleagues. You need to unplug to unwind; you need to rest, to reboot and rejuvenate.

08 Love people, use technology! Not the other way around!

Good luck! As senior consultant with 33 years experience working on different MRI systems, I can help you run your MRI-department like clockwork, or like music even. Find and maintain focus. Keep everything and everybody up to speed.

Contact me for an exclusive offer. Wilma van der Riet

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