Three ways to take advantage of the summer in MR

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11 May 2017
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8 November 2017
Summer is a good for work. All the excitement and relaxing distractions actually boost productivity. Studies have shown that employees who benefit from summer perks are happier and more productive. So, while moral is up, try something different and launch some empowering projects. If you manage your time properly, you will feel refreshed when the rat race returns in September.

Here’s how to take advantage of the summer dip:

01 update protocols
Every new software release is a chance to get a little smarter, a little faster and make the patient a little more comfortable. But still, it’s one of those important things that always stays at the bottom of the priority list. Take the opportunity of the calm summer days to update the protocols and clean up your archive. You’ll see that you have all the time to test-drive the new and improved settings before the peak season. So keep an eye on international guidelines. As Vincent Van Gogh once said during summer: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

02 send the CEO away to a remote island
Tanveer Naseer, a well-known business coach, found that when a manager takes vacation, it shows his trust in his team. By taking time off, leaders provide their team members with the opportunity to develop their skills and effectively manage the fort while they are away. This not only empowers employees, but also allows them to develop and become engaged in the company.

03 keep cool with summer school
Although schools are closed, for employees the easy living summer is a great time to refresh their knowledge and enrich their practice. Students are open to challenging, fun ways to learn something new. A custom learning experience is a recipe for success. Short summer sessions only! Maybe combine all that physics with some physical activity for some brain and body connection!

Have a nice holiday: Get to work!

As a senior consultant with 33 years experience working on different MRI systems, I can help you have a great summer and boost the effectiveness of your MRI-department.

Contact me for an exclusive offer. Wilma van der Riet

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