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6 July 2017
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27 November 2017
Today, 8 november, is the International Day of Radiology. A good day to launch the first EMRIC e-Module: RF sequences. It is a complete 25 lesson vendor independent module.

This module teaches all you need to know about RF sequences: the key to understanding MRI and to fine-tuning clinical protocols.

When you complete the RF sequence e-module you will have:

· in-depth knowledge about the RF sequences on your MR system(s), including the contrast and clinical applications;

· an understanding of the specific side-effects of the RF sequences, the acronyms and abbreviations on your MRI systems;

· in-depth knowledge of the artefacts appearing in the different RF sequences;

· the techniques to reduce or use the artefacts with the help of several methods;

· the skills to design imaging protocols for MRI exams choosing the best method and contrast of those GRE-, SE- and EPI based RF sequences.

After finishing this e-module, you should be able to:

· explain the different RF-sequences;

· identify their contrast, applications and side-effects;
· explain and handle the contrast- and specific RF-sequence parameters.

Freshly launched, the module is pending various accreditation, including CPD Now.

Wanna try?

Of course you can still count on our direct support and coaching just the same!

"And the next e-module about MR Safety will follow.It is a compelling in-depth course with a distinctive EMRIC-pace and personality. The use of online learning, improves the quality for students: more efficient, learn at your own pace and plenty of room to study or repeat the subjects you have difficulties with. More autonomy leads to more motivation."

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