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27 November 2017
Master the machine
19 May 2018

EMRIC launches a new workshop concept: on site performance support

Focus Pocus enables teams to focus on their collective and personal learning goals when they need it the most: on the work floor. In a live session on site support we make learning highly rewarding and effective. A follow-up uses valuable e-learning resources makes sure you’re team stays on the ball.

Each MR-team is unique and faces different challenges. When you make precision learning accessible you save numerous hours & euros normally spent on generic traditional classroom training.

It’s as simple as asking the crew: What would you like to learn? MRA? MRS? Workflow? Fire away. Ask me anything.

Active learning by doing. Beats passive learning in a classroom any day.

Focus Pocus is a hands on method with a profound effect that will enable your team to reach it’s full potential.

This is why Focus Pocus is magic:

• Empower employees when they need it the most.

• Make learning fun & rewarding.

• Reduce training costs.

• Minimise training time spent per employee.

• Follow-up with online coaching and comprehensive step-by-step plans.

• Streamline workflow & teamwork.

• Get access to personalised tips & tricks.

Interested? Let me know!

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