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19 May 2018
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31 May 2018

Successful MRI-management keeps the people off the autopilot

MRI-machines get smarter every day. Great. Machines are meant to make our lives easier. But don’t lean back just yet!

When I started my career in the dystopian year of 1984, one image slice of the brain would take a lifetime and the MR would break down every other hour flooding the floor with water. I am proud of the advancements MRI has made in the last decades. Now we are getting somewhere!

Million dollar mistake

But I see a lot of organisations make mistakes. With all this technology, all you have to do is push the button, right? Wrong! Do you want your organisation to stay innovative? Make sure your crew is not left outsmarted by million dollar machines at peak operating levels.

Now more then ever, real radiographers require extensive knowledge, skill and expertise to benefit patients every day. Yes, push the button during standard procedures. But be prepared for out-of-the-ordinary patients & pathologies. Here you need to optimize sequences for contrast, signal to noise ratio and/or resolution.

Use your brain in planning. Open your eyes to opportunities. Putting people on autopilot leaves you vulnerable. Smarter machines require smarter people. Let’s get smart!


Get smart fast:

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