EMRIC new course online: MRI and MRS MSK

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31 May 2018
2 March 2019

MRI MSK covers a vast landscape of knowledge. Based on >30 years’ global experience, EMRIC has now made the third online course that acts as a practical guide: sort of a lonely planet travel guide for exploring the field of musculoskeletal MRI.

Rather than a classic traditional class book, it serves as a reference guide and richly illustrated crash course on basic and advanced aspects. It includes a collection of clinical tips and hints. It also keeps you updated on the latest developments in MSK MRI.

It is designed to benefit:

  • Orthopedic surgeons
  • Specialized radiologists
  • Orthopaedists
  • MR radiographers / technologists
  • MR physicists

The new course covers a diversity of subjects: from contrast and T1-T2(*)-PD-mixed-diffusion to T1- T2-mapping and MR Spectroscopy in MSK. You will learn diffusion and perfusion in MSK, (fat) suppression techniques and read about MSK in sports medicine. It covers the latest developments & technology.

In short: EMRIC empowers all MSK-talent with tools, tips, inspiration and skills to thrive and lead in the field of MRI and MRS MSK.

A quick overview:

  • Weight-bearing / Standing Up / Positional MRI or Axial Loaded MRI
  • MR Arthrography and Kinematic (kMRI) Imaging
  • The latest RF sequences (e.g. the UTE RF sequence), parameters and IQ in MSK
  • DWI, DTI and Perfusion Imaging (DCE) in MSK
  • T1 – T2(*) mapping and Quantification in MSK
  • Fat- and Tissue suppression techniques (MTC and Water suppression)
  • Microscopic Imaging – High Resolution MRI: bone – cartilage – ligaments and tendons
  • MR Spectroscopy (MRS) in MSK

Personal support & custom workshops available!

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