Celebrating 40 years in MRI

EMRIC & MRI-STaR join forces
4 March 2022

Hello there, fellow MR Traveller.

In 1984, I started my journey as a young tech head at Philips MRI Int’l. Since then, I’ve been swept away by this intoxicating technology which took me to see all corners of the world.

From the early pioneering days to the current era of AI and machine learning integration, MRI has transformed medical imaging. It had infinite possibilities then, and still has today. 🚀
I am grateful to have shared this journey with so many people, clients, partners, healthcare professionals, researchers, students, and institutions.
The curiosity, the generosity and collaboration within the MRI community have gotten us to where we are today.

What’s Next? The journey doesn’t end here! We are excited about the future of MRI.
The coming years hold the promise of even more groundbreaking developments, and I am eager to continue to support you on this journey.

Thank you for being part of my story, and here’s to you! Safe travels in 2024

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