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Online learning with accreditation from CPDNOW.

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Vendor Independence!

Our online MRI e-learning program is vendor independent.

The online courses are designed to cover all systems.

Plus we have experience on all systems, so can help you out in any challenge.

Also: our courses are not funded by big corporations.

So no product placement or agenda pushing.

Just no nonsense training.

And an abundance of cheeky clipart.


Advanced courses for serious professionals

The more our world functions on auto-pilot, the more important it is to stay awake, stay alert and know when to take control.

This online courses puts you in the driver's seat, giving you the insight to obtain a better imaging result, catering to your personal needs.


Updated to latest standards 2019!

A lot of information on the web is outdated, as the world of MRI spins so incredibly fast.

This online MRI courses is continually updated with fresh numbers and RF sequences.


Why taking an online course is a smart move