Safety ch. 12: Rest Stuff, Repetition and Summary

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Safety ch. 12: Rest Stuff, Repetition and Summary

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Chapter 12 involves Rest Stuff, Repetition and Summary.
After this overview in chapter 12 you should be able:

. To have a good overview about MR Safety and to apply and use it.
. To describe the main risks regarding MR Safety.
. To have an idea about the New High Technologies related to MR Safety.
. To understand and describe procedures needed around the MR examination regarding Safety.
. To find the guidelines needed for MRI examinations related to MR Safety.
. Knowledge and understanding about parts of the MR system.
. Knowing the procedures for the fire and life safety aspects.
. To have an overview about a number of accessories which can be used in the MR room.
. To know how to use the educational objectives and training’s needed regarding MR Safety.
. To find on internet your way regarding MR Safety.

At the end of the module you should be:

. to have the skills to handle all MRI Safety items, to explain and describe the items to colleagues, patients and the public.