6 November 2020
2020 COVID related MR lithography where lungs and teh brain are infected

MR lithography related to COVID19

I’ve dedicated my career to capturing the image of the human body. I’m glad to say that this year 2020 I made a new MR lithography  […]
16 September 2019

New course online: MR NEURO

An e-module for advanced MR users like radiographers, radiologists other radiology personnel, medical imaging professionals, neurologists, psychiatrists, neurosurgeons, clinical physicists, researchers, technical staff/ engineers, veterinary and […]
16 September 2019

We are CPD NOW accredited

All our advanced courses have successfully received CPD Now Endorsement (the standard course on MR Safety excluded). CPD Now is the College of Radiographers online CPD […]
19 June 2019

EMRIC @ Neurex

EMRIC followed a Neuroeconomics workshop at Neurex in Strasbourg in June 2019, to stay updated for her Neuro Imaging e-module. Neurex is one of the most […]
2 March 2019


EMRIC has attended the ECR congress in Vienna, Austria, to learn more and talk about issues related to MRI and MRS: e-education, on-site training, research projects […]
25 June 2018

EMRIC new course online: MRI and MRS MSK

MRI MSK covers a vast landscape of knowledge. Based on >30 years’ global experience, EMRIC has now made the third online course that acts as a […]
31 May 2018

Meet EMRIC at ISMRM Paris

EMRIC will be attending the ISMRM in Paris this 16-21 June. Let’s meet up! The Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2018 takes place at the Expo Porte […]
19 May 2018

Master the machine

Successful MRI-management keeps the people off the autopilot MRI-machines get smarter every day. Great. Machines are meant to make our lives easier. But don’t lean back […]
19 May 2018

Focus Pocus: hyperfocus on MRI

EMRIC launches a new workshop concept: on site performance support Focus Pocus enables teams to focus on their collective and personal learning goals when they need […]