Upgrade Philips MRI systems 5.6.1

My Fellow Imageneers,


Picture this: Monday morning, you arrive at work early, the coffee is ready, the mood is cheerful, your colleague Carly made you a sugar free carrot cake to celebrate your safe return from the rock climbing adventure.

In the pristine epicenter of your department the MRI greets you with a content hum as if it where a happy Buddha in a white chapel.


Then it happens. Suddenly there are screechy sounds coming from behind the console. Operators start running a frenzy. The Philips MRI seems to open up and draw everything and everyone in. You have created a black hole.


Then it hits you. This is no ordinary Monday. This is Monday 5.6.1. The day of the dreaded system upgrade. Just as you thought things couldn’t get any better.


Are you struggling with the system upgrade 5.6.1? No need to worry. Never, never, never give up. And if you feel overwhelmed, just get Wilma.


Here to surf. I mean serve. Just pick up the phone. Continue a lovely summer!